Why don’t I fit some of that snap together wood flooring Sue is always telling me she wants. So I did.

It is as easy as it sounds but there are few things I learned in the process.

  • They dont always snap together easily, you will need a tapping block (wide side of hammer will do)
  • if you can get hold of one get a tool that will allow you to pull the boards together for when you cant get a hammer in to tap
  • Don’t abitrarily cut under the Architrave of your doors, chances are this will not help you get the wood underneath them, remember with snap-togethers you have to lower them once in place you cant shove them into place laying them flat.
  • Remove the skirting boards, dont skimp and use plastic, besides 1 bundle of skiting is cheaper than 1 length of proprietory plastic strip
  • When trying to get the last of the boards underneath the architraves and various cut outs, remember this is a floating floor, remove the spaces on the one wall slide the floor across, drop it in to place then put the spacers back to get the positioning right, (this could be tricky on a large surface area).
  • GripFill is a great bit of kit (used to glue skirting into place)
  • Dont hammer nails all the way in when gripfilling your skirting, to hold it in place while it dries, only half tap them in the job will be easier to complete with the nails removed, (doh!)
  • Contouring tool/edge profiler came in handy for corners
  • Dont use a jigsaw where your edges will be seen, ie fireplaces, other edges, fill the gap with Mastik (builders mate or even silicone sealant) this still looks better than plastic strips and again is cheaper
  • Just another two more rooms to do now.