Well I got the bike, lovely and shiny she is too. I
forgot what a pain running a bike in would be. My first bike GPZ500, I was
a new rider so I didnt know how to ride the bike so it was no problem. My
next bike the ZX6R, after a couple of days I realised I’d made a big mistake and
this wasnt the bike for me I was too short in the leg and long in the body to
ride a super sports, but I was commuting everyday and anything was better than a
car I eventually got used to it, but that getting used to period coincidined
with running-in.

This bike is a lot like the GPZ500 I loved so much in
riding style, but quicker and a four stroke, add to this I have had a license
for 8 years and have been riding for 5 of those there is no getting used to
period for me within a few miles it all came back to me and the temptation to
rev past 6000 rpm let alone 4000 is a bikers nightmare.

Still its fun I can feel the arthritis in my fingers
coming back already.
(Im 35 before you ask
computers, climbing and biking do that to you)