Raymond Chen posted a link on his blog to an article detailing, and I mean detail, about the etiquette for drinking in British Pubs, a guide to the non-brit


I did post a comment but left it without an ID, shameful of me. I’m SimonT by the way, partly because I can’t decide what my online persona is nowadays.

Am I SimonTocker, SimonT or Deadboy. I suppose Im getting a bit old for deadboy * now that I’m thrity five but it’s been with me a while now. So if you see a post from any of these then it might be me, but frmo now on I will try to ensure that I but the blog link.

* This was a nickname given to me in my early twenties working at an IT dept in Birmingham(UK) that was opposite a cemetary, The guys reckoned that I was so pale and needed sunshine (I am a sad old goth), and the HR department didn’t so much as go on a recruitment drive to get me but went out with shovels and dug me up from opposite the company.