Well Yesterday was the day of the big KeyNote speech a lot of big screens and music etc. It was interesting as its the first of its kind that I’d attended. They used it to launch the “Express” version of VisualStudio (well little bits of it). This is essentially ASP2.0 and Vis2005 broken down into bits for the Hobbyist developer. Plus a free version of SQL2005 (essentially replacing MSDE, considering it writes to a MDB file why dont they just call it JET šŸ˜‰ )

First Session of the day was the Building occasionally connected applications. This was presented by Rocky so a good speaker, although I later heard he wasnt booked for this and its someone elses session, well it was pretty seamless if it was. Building on the Smart Client App Block her went through th evarious scenarios that presented the disconnected problem and detailed how the App Block dealt with them. This is the hardest of the App Blocks I looked at it, because it builds on top of so many of the others. I downloaded FotoVision, wonder why they didnt us the AppBlock ?? Cos its too damn hard!!!

Next was what I thought was going to be about VS2005 and Yukon, WRONG, they used this session to introduce further the Express editions, now I did glean some useful info from this sessnio about whats coming, the XDS’s can now be designed with a built in adaptor which you can add methods to to essentially create DataObjects in the XSD designer, no more splitting out the XSD and the Provider code into seperate classes, wonder what happens if you XML serialize this object ??? But this session mainly annoyed me, not becuase of the content but becuase I feel that MS have wasted valuable time in getting these products to market instead of concentrating on VS2005 and Yukon, for the Hobbyist. Sorry but Hobbyists don’t pay the bills its the people here, if people want to learn this stuff do it the hard way the rest of us had to what makes you so special ?

C# best practices. This was split into a lot of “Whats wrong with this code” sections its was an enjoyable session despite the very few questions I got right, its hard to spot these things as so much of it you could put down to style, which is what I did I thought I would write that code like this, strangely enough the way I would write it was the correct way, but I didnt know why in some cases. Others I did I just nailed the IDispose section but then I harped on about it so much I should do.

Lastly Don Box but I gotta go and he deserves his own section.