This was a chalk and talk session, I had no real idea what a C&T session was but it was interesting. Don gets up and asks a load of questions from the audience and writes them down, in xml!. He sorts them into topics and proceeds to answer them.

The basis for the piece was the messaging infrastructure of webservices and future indigo messaging. Some questions were

1 x vs y vs z
2. http vs DCOM MSMQ
In this one he talked a little of .Net remoting and mentioned about it not being secure (perhaps you could role your own etc) and that the team who wrote it were not very big and they essentially had to rewrite dcom in no time at all so the whole tcp-binaryformatter was not a protocol that has had many man years on it, in fact why not just use DCOM its had thousands if not millions of man years worked on it ( there was more detail but I cant do him justice)

He says he will post these details to his blog with the questions and answers.

So what I will comment on was the talk in general, this was alively talk by an extremely well practised speaker. It was thoroughly enjoyable and with all the SAO zelousness (is that a word) a breathe of fresh air, the talk he did on this he compared the topic of SOA vs OO to sexuality and needless to say the outcome was very funny. SOA is based on OO “and if your feeling curious about experimenting with SOA there are places you can go in almost every large city to do this”

A very clever man and a very funny man. So far and I have a feeling this will be the highlight of TechEd for me.