So its wednesday and Im actually posting lunch time so tyhis covers the morning sessions.

First two sessions were the changes in ASP2.0 by Scott Guthrie, another practised speaker and extremely knowledgable on his subject.

Well I think were our out of jobs. Scott pretty much built a portal with almost zero code behind, just drag and drop and set the properties We might end up coding Data Layers for the rest of our dev lives.

ASP2.0 has got some great features and heres some.

XSD Designer – Create STD’s complete with Adaptor class in the desinger and embedded into the one XSD file a complete DAL in a box
No more mangled HTML

This goes further the designer support in whidbey is awsome all the niggly bits that pissed you off in the past are gone
No more event wiring disappearing (there is no event wiring in the code behind at all now, not sure I like that!)
Select something in designer, its selected in the html code
drap on tools into html view
select a tag in html view and you have access ot the properties window
New controls that can bind to any IEnumerable object, imagine binding a datagrid straight to the Provider class in your DAL
This comes complete with edit and update to a Business object to.
Master pages done properly with designer support
Designer support for user controls not just a grey box
Membership capabilities with roles based on a provider model so you can plug it into xml, sql, AD, or your own custom store this was used to demonstrate Personalisation.
Templates and skins – combined with CSS to give you flexibility over design, and switchable at run time.
Common tasks button on every control in a drop down menu on the designer (this is cool)
NO MORE PROJECT FILE – Team development can be easier ( I supose this means we have to re-structure our SS yet again though)
Deploy the whole damn lot to a DLL, no aspx’s, no asmx’s, no html nowt but a dll (if you need to set file/directory permissions then proxies are created for this purpose that you attach permissions to, but if you dont need to do that just delete them)

And loads more too much to remember all the little details but many of the things introduced I could use immediately.

Next Session was the one touch deployment a nice safe session detailing the improvements to click once deployment, I think there will be some headaches in the admin side of this but none you could not overcome, there is even ability to bootstrap dotnet 2.0 via this method. It looks cool but needs testing in a corp environment to see howit reacts to security etc but it seems vastly improved from the last v1 release.

Well thats it for now off to another session I am going to Wojtek’s sessino after all I don’t know what to expect but here goes.