So you think you know about web services.

Well after this Im damn sure I dont. There are so many things that you need to do that Visual Studio does wrong to talk to the rest of the world via web services. I think I will give up coding and go tend bar.

Good session not sure that in a .NET only environment that I work in I need to do anything other than what the tools do for me, but at least now I know where to start if I do want to go further afield.

Top 10 tricks for a killer Web App.
Great presentation, well it was rob howard so there you go, It was great to know that out of the 9 tips presented Im doing 7 of them, and the other two one I don’t use (reflection and reflection caching) and the other is the holy grail, sql notification. But I’ve learnt a trick to do that now so Im considering setting it up but its a big thing that needs discussion with our DBA to ensure low impact.

ASP.Net defences and countermeasure.
Well I think that I code a fair amount of security into our apps, a good one is to catch sql injection, useing stored procs goes a long way to ensuring this, provided you dont just exec in the SP. A lot of focus was spent on sql injection as its the baddest one that a dev can stop, we also covered session hijacking by grabbing cookies using cross site scripting and things like that, all usefull stuff and well presented, I could not help but laugh with every vunerability shown because I could name apps we’d written that would fall over with those hacks.

A great and enjoyable day with lots of good stuff. Sometimes it good to know your doing something right instead of all the stuff your doing wrong.