Google have released yet another great tool, I loved the toolbar, then the deskbar, but now this one tops it all

Desktop google. It is busily indexing my desktop and my emails and its results are good.

I have been trying Lookout for a while, but this pounds it out of existance, sorry guys it too slow, the interface is clunky and slow.

Google caches all my stuff so I dont need to open an email thats been stored away on a slow exchange link or open a word document as it just extracts all the text. Ok there is probably a space consideration but I dont care I have gigs of space for this stuff.

The one thing I cant seem to get working is the Google integration, a promise of it displaying personal results in the google web searches, (it most likely intercepts the http request and brokers the result sets, I HOPE) I’ve been very specific with my searches here and it hasnt done it yet, but hey its beta and Im sure it will work better soon.

Who needs WinFS anymore with google about, so take it out of longhorn I say, I dont need it now. 😉