Edit:This post relates to SharePoint 2003 when I was really starting to hack it in 2005.  Since then SharePoint has had multiple changes to how it operates, today I could quite easily take the ‘ump with SPFX, cos that’s a pain too, but not half as much as the App Model from the previous incarnation.

“To have the ‘ump”  (hump).  Is a  UK midlands colloquism that means annoyed, pissed off, in a general bad mood with someone or something.

To say “He’s got the ‘ump” means that the person who has the ump is in  a bad mood with you or is being deliberately vindictive for some reason unbeknown to you (usually unknown but not restricted to).

So I’ve got the ‘ump.  I spent ages learning server controls, and went on a sharepoint course for developing web parts.  Only to discover after lots on intensive research on sharepoint that most of the customisations I will need to do, in order to gain best advantage of sharepoints built-in capabilities, I need to use some god-awful hack of “language” called CAML.

Presently I hate sharepoint, some of it is great, but when you have to convert all your existing “webparts” from another portal technology to SPS and do massive customisations to style and layout to SPS/WSS.  I mean the kind of changes that will cease to work on installation of a service pack and the hours your going to spend regression testing you changes against the service packs.

I hate it because half of this product is ONE BIG USELESS HACK, I mean up to 146 seperate files to edit to modify the banner, are you taking the mick, MS.  Half the product well CSS’d the other hardcoded into the base aspx file.  I would happily love to kick the WSS developers backsides up and down Redmond and down to Tacoma for some of them.

Still by the end of this If all the predictions on how big Sharepoint is gonna be, I will be immensly employable.

In my own opinion of course, based on my small amount of exposure, please dont sue me.