Which references

Hardly new

I have been creating AJAX apps since IE4 with RDS and offscreen IFRAMES then with XMLHTTP.  My problem back in the day was cross-browser compatibilty, I didnt even consider doing it back then most of the AJAX things I did were extranet or intranet.

It bugs me that someone who recently started investigating this gives a bunch of credit to google for this technique, true well done for pushing it beyond what us early pioneers did but your still standing on others shoulders.

So I’d like to send my thanks to the person who inspired me to pioneer this technique all those years ago in my own applications. (And for those who have worked with me you never thought you’d hear this).

Thanks to Dino Espisito, author of probably the only book released at the time with mention to RDS which enabled me to exploit this now redundant technology to do AJAX.  Instant Scriptlets was a much overlooked book, that gave me insight in to all the nasty things I could do with RDS (and the piss-poor implemented “scriptlets”).

Thanks again Dino.


PS Thanks to MS for IE4 and the IE4SDK, what got me interested in Web in the firstplace to leave unix behind.