S’funny how you find the articles you need after you find another way to solve the problem.

But for those who want to use the combined web method.


Not sure I like the sound of some of their “fixes”.ÿ Whislt for us developers this dual natured development box is required its not advisable to do it in a live scenario, and yes I know Application Pools etc etc but when you get down to it your apps are going through a different http handler or if you make the changes listed looks like sharepoint does.

Developers are going to be the experts in Sharepoint, the amount of under-the-hood messing we have to do to get things working expose us to a large proportion of Sharepoint. So wouldn’t it be a good idea if our boxes were, not identical, but closer to how it would be deployed in live.

For those who are going to deploy apps/sharepoint combo, I hope you have your Advil handy.