I was told this couldnt be done, you have a web part that requires personalisation but the designers do not want this web part to go on the My Page its to go in an area they choose but the client needs to configure the settings.

If you set the storage mode to personal, and place webpart in a zone in SPS, there is no ability to change that setting. If you try and force it in code it goes bang. If you load the property pane using script for personal then it errors with a naughty boy error you dont have permission to do this.

It is possible to allow this for web parts but you have to do something more evil to acheive it. You have to edit the area template find the zone you want to allow personalisation and change the AllowPersonalisation to true. So you can save your personal property, but you now have give the user control over the look of your SPS area, something far worse than not having a property.

Dont have an answer to this, considering the properties I want to store are user related an extension to the user profile may be possible, scary but possible, or I store this in a custom database and roll my own property.

Anyone who knows how to fix this let me know to work how I want it to without allowing users to create there own view of an area in sps let me know.