I have a web part where I want to use my custom panel and custom tool part to store credentials, on a per user basis, now I cant seem to get this working for properties it just errors in SPS WSS fine sure private properties just work but in SPS you aint supposed to be able to do this.

So I picks SSO, first I cant install it, some weird problem about

Protocol ncalrpc was NOT found

In the logs, I believe this is related to Service Pack 1, but I cant be sure, I passed the buck to our support guys to solve this one. I solved the Dev Build by creating the SSO database manually and executing the ssobuild_schema.sql (its in commonms sso, or similar named folder) then running the SSO config with the users I chose, me actually, strange that. I have an SSO repository that works.

Anyway I ended up trying to save creds in my toolpane, with a bit of help from viewstate I thought I had it cracked, no nothing is that easy in this product. It would not save the credentials some canary error.

Well a bit of google and that hero of sharepoint Tariq, comes to the rescue.

protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e)
base.OnInit (e);


Admittedly he got the fix from an MS guy, but credit to Tariq for POSTING IT, MS could learn something from this, like documenting their products better. Thats not entirely fair is it, perhaps I just mean documenting this huge pain in the neck product better !

Thanks Tariq you are a star.