I have been having trouble.  For the past two days I have been trying to create a webpart that has two text boxes and a bunch of a Links as buttons (brand issue no nasty submit buttons).

I had a bit of Jscript that called the navigate of my main image link button so it did a post back.  This worked till I did a little more testing with more parts and the add new web part sidebar opened.  Every time I hit enter in this scenario it started adding web parts.  At first I thought some clown is messing with my test portal, but soon realised that the submit button of the form was being executed.  So I added a cancelBubble.  No joy.  I tried various incarnations of the __doPostBack call to see if that was the problem. (its been a while since I did real hardcore jscript ie4/5 change over period last time, so cancelBubble was all I knew about event problems).

I found this article by Dino.


It is some code for a PostTextBox that fires an enter pressed, well thought piece of work, goes a little beyond what I had in mind, but essentially the same code client side with the bonus server side event thrown.  Well as you can guess this works fine on a single form page, but anything more complicated and forget it, exactly the same problems again.

I gave up. So I thought Ajax. That will do, done that before 8 years ago, so I knocks up more jscript with http request to my webservice.  Works great and fast, but I was concerned about the client installations having MSXML on them.  A bit of a scout round and other standard desktops give me security messages, as obviously I’m accessing a web service that is not on the portal web.  Can’t have that.  I know I’ll go real old school and hidden Iframe my posts instead.  And Again in previous projects this approach works great as its contained within the same site, this time I get an access denied in trying to access the parent windows html and the parent just cant access the child’s html.  


What next, I know I ‘ll know up a http fetcher page in portal so I can call it local and it returns the results as a local proxy.  No too evil.

So back to google.  I need to get the postback working.

This guy came to the rescue.


Two additional lines of code to my original and it all works

    window.event.returnValue = false;
    window.event.cancel = true;

Had no idea about returnValue, some dim recollection of event.cancel, but I never thought to put that in. now I have.

My web part works I can hit enter and I get my search results, not as slick as AJAX or hidden IFRAME (which by the way is how the old Plumtree gadget I wrote worked). but problem solved.

Lets make it better.

Merge the two.  I now have a PostTextBox control that has enter hit events and doesn’t give me additional postbutton grief.