I have one of these devices.

It is a lovely piece of kit.  It looks beautiful, its sounds
fantastic.  Even the cheap free headphones, which hurt my ears a
little as they are small ears, sound good.

It has its down sides.

Whilst it can be connected like a USB pen drive to a PC, anything copied like this cannot be accessed by the player.
All music must be Synced via SonicStage, no iTunes support no WMP support.

In my personal opinion, SonicStage blows goats.

In my personal opinion, and others are free to disagree, SonicStage is
an offence to programmers everywhere.  The developers of this
product are breathing my air.

I mailed Sony about it and whilst lovingly polite……. you already know what they said don’t you.

I’m going to live with this device, as the device is great and I can
just shove all my faves onto it for Gym purposes.  Then Im going
to buy an iPod when I have the cash.

I haven’t had much luck with aftersales support from Sony, so I think I
will avoid them.  But feel free to form your own opinions and
purchase Sony if its right for you.

Its not right for me, not any more. 

Although I do like the look of the 3CCD TRV900 series……..