Well I arrived in LA, some 12 hours later, then another 2.5 hours to get thru customs and traffice before I could get my room.  For one moment I thought I’d managed to book a real dodgy hotel the way the shuttle bus drove us to the hotel but after a few blocks of Frutas Y verduras we appeared as if by magic on a street full of towers and palms in Downtown LA.

Traffic was bad as some muppets had took out the powergrid when they wired it wrong and it hit all LA in the morning and they are now rebooting traffic lights by hand so the radio told us, and told us, and told us, yeh yeh once was enough lady.

From my room I can see the Hollywood sign, but due to the smog you cant see it all that well, certainly not with a simple 2mpix camera phone.

Apparently the subway is the best way to travel to the convention centre, so oh my I think Im in trouble tomorrow.  err Taxi!!!

I best set the clocks or something cos f. knows what time it really is.