Wel I saw bill Gates this morning and some other guys (some I knew like Don and Scott and heard off others).

But Wow Gates realy good pitch I find Bill great to watch anyway I have a lot of respect for the guy.  This pitch obviously is about vista and office and there was some good demos of whats coming with office12.  I saw some great interation with the new sharepoint product.

Office was very pretty and the new interface is good.

I only saw a glimpse of the new sharepoint product but there were two things I thought good, a recycle bin for documents and offline integration into office12.

What I didn’t see was integration with existing office for this stuff, probably as its likely to be RSS based as sharepoint has RSS capabilities and so does office12.  What was also missing was whether there was updates to those offline files or notifications.

I also saw some great comminication collaboration, a peer to peer connection was created and a powerpoint demo was “projected” onto the other client and then shared and edited and updated by the other client, again what seemed to be missing was there was no notification that the file had been changed no popups no warnings nowt.

I missed out on the cheap phone offer by minutes.  DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN.