Hmmm, seemed like i managed to pick all the wrong tracks on Tuesday.  I went to what I thought would be best for work and not what Im intersted in, this prooved a bad Idea.  I looked at groove but within minutes found out groove is a client application that integrates to sharepoint.  That was a major leave now signal to me so I did and moved to an office customisation session which sounded good but was about the ease of customisation of the new RibbonX bar using XML, this needs 5 minutes to explain it not a whole session, but I was miles from the other session. So I stayed.

Its nice is all I can say tey finally simplified tho whole office addin capability and integration into the office menus and all the apps work the same way and it takes care of removing you in the right circumstances so a lot less work for office integrators.  Not something I see us doing a lot of but maybe.

Then I went to a lap around WPF which was a demo of creating an applicaion in xaml and c#.  There are some great things in this area what was concentrated a lot on was the Zoom features built in to the WPF something that would go great with the accessibility crowd, something that windows applications have not been great on ,  also this auto scaling makes it transfer to all the other platforms easily like media centre and the pocketpc.

I wnet out for Pizza last night bu this damn jet lag is making me so sick did not sleep well at all till I lost the pizza, probably more info than you needed but for the guys back home Im sure its nice to know Im suffering a little out here.