I said it a couple of times at the PDC to people, is UDDI dead.  In lots of demos more and more of the MS product range InfoPath, Sharepoint and let’s face it the whole of office are using Web Services.  Not once, NOT ONCE did I see a tModel key to make use of UDDI’s indirect addressing.

From an Ops point of view If I host a bunch of Web services on a server then all of a sudden one service gets to be well know and needs isolating, perhaps to its own machine(s). I don’t want to have to change the end point on all the clients.  That service may have started small but became really useful, it never got a unique name in DNS and it was just hosted as part of a collection of sites and services, now it’s got big and I have to move it, when I move it all the clients die.

So please guys, you have UDDI services in the 2k3 product so start making use of them.