Well it was the last day of the PDC, I had a good time and met some great people.

two guys who stopped at my hotel who became my traveling companions and
friends throughout the week, Joseph and Tom.  Joseph works with
web and Tom with Marine software and GPS.  Had some fun at
universal and they had some fun taking the mick out of me and my jet
lag and sticking to the water instead of drinking the free beer, which
lets face it a Brit turning down free beer is un heard of.

I got the chance to meet two guys from Mindsharp, who provide training
for Sharepoint and Bill English works for them and wrote the Blue
Sharepoint bible.  I met Todd and Mark.  I spoke mainly with
Todd who is a highly energetic personality and great fun to talk to
about anything but especially Sharepoint.  Todd showed me his
implementation of a Recycle Bin which was very cool.  Todd tells
me that he’s about to blog a lot of this stuff so for those who have
not heard of Todd or have him in your RSS readers here’s the link


watch that space.  It’s easy to see why Mindsharp are up there in
the Sharepoint league with People like Mark and Todd and the
others, just wish they were in the UK when we were getting our SPS/WSS installation going.

This links is for you guys , ADS Automated Deployment Services, not as I said Advanced Deployment Server.

this morning I spoke with Ontolica guys who showed me the search
product they do, this is cool stuff, also saved searches in web parts
that can be put all over.  Will be plugging this hard when I get

I got to speak to a host of Microsoft Personnel, when certain product
managers were not interrupting (nearly all the time, and not just at
the stalls, this guy could not help but butt in while the speakers were
taking a breath in session)  I jest, well slightly.

Amerlaan did some great presentations on WSS and happily took my
questions, and on meet the experts night I got to speak to the BDC
expert, whose name I will insert here once I found it out (so sorry I
missed it in the session and never asked when we spoke).  I
love BDC. I love that I can connect it directly to my user profile
database and add to it from something other than AD.

also was told that they are trying much harder to conform to section
508 compliance, obviously this is hard with the amount of JScript in
Sharepoint, but if those guys can cover off the rest then fantastic,
one less job for me to do on my customizations.

MS guys please hurry along with that demo.

was also great was just walking past people like Don Box and Chris
Sells, I didn’t speak to them I felt too stupid, I mean I develop web
apps and customize Sharepoint in a small way what can I say to Don
?  “Errr hello?”  would be about all I
could manage before I started to show my ignorance.  I also saw,
Beat Schwegler, who’s BOF with Christian Weyer I went to at TechEd 2004
and I also saw Jan Tielens (from U2U Smart Part) being swamped by

know who else was at PDC, MicroFocus!  yes the Cobol people, I met
a nice chap from England from Microfocus and they are still living the
dream developing COBOL for .NET (they already do) so you COBOL guys if
you have Cobol and want to expose your data using Web services then
look into Microfocus, I tell you when I used it, it was the best damn
compiler and complete development debugging environment I ever used and
even in VT220!!!!

thing, is it just me or when everyone else saw the sparkle demo with
XAML and timelines and 3D rotation, did any one else thing Flash