For a while now I’ve been reading blogs and tried a couple of readers, sharp reader, omea and rss bandit.

I found them all to be slow to start, omea I just uninstalled after about 10 minutes and rss bandit has been my reader of choice up to now.  I like the interface and it kinda works.  But its slow, it leaks memory,  I have to restart it twice a day to ensure that it picks up feeds again as it just starts to error during the day and will not work.  But I found this all over.

Dan uses feed demon and has been saying how great it is for ages, but it doesn’t have a tree view, it doesn’t (until new betas) fetch all channels all the time just the selected one.  It costs money. 

I finally thought I can’t really judge until I’ve tried it so downloaded the 1.5 demo, the version that doesn’t update all channels in background.  Well within a couple of hours I bought it, paid me money and made my choice.

This reader just knocks spots off all the others, I still have gripes, the tree view, and the notification icon (not always accurate, sometimes doesn’t go away after reading all), but all in all its very fast, it has no where near the same amount of network errors the others have given me (I thought it was my network, but from this apparently not) it doesn’t leak memory and slow things down and grind to a halt.  It looks great, it handles everything, it puts me in control of how I view stuff, it can mark a folder as read when you switch no more ctrl-m’s to mark all as read.  Its lots of little things that make this a joy to use.

So if your still struggling with another reader then give FeedDemon a try, but bear in mind all the fixes and enhancements are in the betas which you need to be registered to run (boo!).