Well I ditched webhost4life and switched to Catalyst2.  I was having speed issues with wh4l and constant restarts (despite my keep-alive attempts via rss) and was coming close to the end of my year with them.

I switched to catalyst2, now this was a bit of a shock at first you get no where near the amount of control over the environment as wh4l, like individual file permissions, secure folders and users, the ability to text edit the files (you can edit html but not .configs it appears).  There is no web upload facility its ftp only.

I uploaded dasBlog to catalyst2 and it just didn’t work, security errors.  I contacted support and they happily fixed the problem, it was a problem they designed in as they do not give high levels of trust by default you have to request it.  Now this might sound like a pain but its not, they were so quick and helpful and detailed with the reasons.

So despite the noddy Helm interface Im very happy so far and I would recommend them.  Plus they are cheap.

Note if you are daft enough, like me, to host your blog in a subdomain as you used to host 3 subbys for different purposes then with catalyst2 you have to pay more, however the base product is so cheap Im still saving money.