I had complaints with Pipex my old provider, BT loused up my connection and then a series of problems with them and Pipex’s customer service made me decide to leave them and move elsewhere.

So I moved from Pipex to Plusnet, I know that others have had no trouble but I have had nothing but trouble since I joined.  First I joined the wrong plan, the plan I joined did not detail that I would get really poor download speeds even on web, so part my fault part theirs due to poor descriptions of what is and isn’t included.

I switched to the better plan, now I’m paying 5 quid a month more for an inferior service to pipex, Pipex’s network was rock solid with no tampering, plusnet’s network seems solid enough but they apply QoS to your line between certain hours.

I have tried to get out of them exactly what is going on but I get short terse responses explaining I have exceeded my 30gb limit.  the supposed limit is for peak time download.  Whilst one part of their system tells me I have downloaded 8gb, which is close to my estimate, the support dick tells me its 30gb, well there isn’t 30gb I want to download and certainly not possible in the 2 weeks at 30kb a second I’ve been getting.

Also the 30kb a sec limiter is only supposed to apply at peak times, I’ve checked and the damn thing happens at all times of day, since when is 6am on a wednesday peak time and I need a speed restriction applying.

So Im pissed.  Pipex, yeh they gave me bad customer service, but when it works it just works.  Plus net whilst they have 24hr customer service its been taking 1.5 days to answer each question they do it poorly and I can’t say their network is working either.

So if this isn’t sorted soon, anyone got a recommendation for some ISP in the UK who is good ?  And cost effective or do I just go back to pipex on bended knee ?