I recently have had the pleasure of trying to rebuild a packard bell laptop.  This had been a thoroughly awful process.   First if you have one of these, handy hint, DO NOT FDISK THEM, or delete the partitions. 

For one, there is a special partition on them if you hit F11 at boot will allow you to rebuild it.

For Two, if you have fdsisked them then the special code that is on that hard drive that allows you to rebuild them from a master dvd is now wiped and a telephone call to tech support at 75p a minute is required (took me 15 minutes).

For Three the price of the master dvd’s is £42 pounds (when i purchased them). 

Then I suffered possibly the worst rebuild routine I’ve ever seen, its a good job normal users don’t witness this.

So Packard Bell you suck.

However my Sony laptop came with rebuild media, and the process to restore is so quick and simple and elegant.

I suppose the moral is, “get what you pay for”.  I wonder what Dell’s rebuild is like ?