Again my domain for binaryjam is down. The hosting company Catalyst2 have made changes to the .Net security model due to hackers coming along and breaking things. Which then meant that the support dept came along and broke the site.

I doubt a solution will be forthcoming so I will have to migrate content here. I will look at writing something that can take dasBlog XML files and post them direct. If I don’t get the time I’ll post some of the more useful blog postings of the main site, well useful to me at least hopefully any stray soul who wanders here by mistake might find it useful to.

Well I was right, the guys at catalyst2 could not alter the security as it would endanger everybody’s site so this is the new permanent site.  I must say though whilst I was at Catalyst they were excellent and the support is always quick.  They even agreed that a partial refund due to me having to migrate was in order.  You can’t get better than that.

So if you are looking for a hosting solution then catalyst2 are good, so long as you dont require more than medium level .NET security.

One thing I did not look into was to migrate to linux/perl/php hosting with them and host my own wordpress site instead.  This may have been my ideal solution, proper domain name, wordpress blog, great support.  Just one small problem…what’s php?