Having quite a few friends in the Games industry in Core, Gusto, Climax, Rare I keep an eye on things as once I looked into moving into this area but it did not pay enough for the hours worked, especially as I would have been moving from a lead role in business web development to general tool lackey in games. Even now I see the effort that my friends are “subjected” to and I really don’t want it. But that doesn’t mean that games writing does not still interest me, last year I bought the managed DirectX programming book. But down to the details. MS are announcing some cool things for the hobbyist in games, the ability to write your own, with managed DirectX you always could have a go but the XNA tool-set makes this easier, but the really cool bit here is to be able to write for Xbox 360, now that really grabs my attention. The Xbox stuff is not announced or released fully yet but keep an eye out for this imminently See Here http://blogs.msdn.com/tmiller/archive/2006/08/13/699131.aspx http://blogs.msdn.com/xna/default.aspx

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