So I did my 2d now I’m trying to knock together a 3d.  I understand now that a mesh is essentially a pre-created bunch of triangles that save you coding things.

So first things first then.  Lets create a mesh file.

Can’t – Need tools.

Ok so Maya do a free to learn version, oh damn it plasters text over everything.
Ah found some free things, blender, an opensource 3d creator tool

Lets create a model then.

Can’t need talent.

Lets find a free one.

Great, hmm what’s this 3ds format, lwo format

Lets load it

Cant DirectX needs .x format

Convert it

Blender can export, great.

Lets Load it

Cant XNA only reads sml files all .x format capabilities, the original and most common are not in this release.

So convert that then

No tools to convert this yet, some hombrew version thats explodes but in XNA, nowt.

Sod it I’m gonna watch CSI instead.