I have set my screensaver to time out in 3 minutes of inactivity, because even the act of going for a cup of tea requires a keyboard lock and if I forget then I’m under attack from co-workers who think its funny to leave lock your keyboard notes on my screen in notepad.  It is rather funny, I must admit I’ve done it myself, not within 2 seconds of getting a cup of tea though !

So I need a device to auto lock windows when I get up.  I reckon that either a web cam that monitors the mass in front of the screen or a pressure device in the chair could on receipt of a signal to a USB receiver just lock the keyboard after a time-out of say 10 seconds to x minutes  as a replacement for the screensaver timeout.  This could work in conjunction with the standard screensaver timeout and energy savings so when the user has left the area it can auto turn off monitors helping reduce electricity usage.

It was recently mentioned to me that the screensaver timeout is a real annoyance to some upper management.  Its these type of workers who could really benefit from this device as they could have a higher Screensaver timeout capacity, if there is someone there it would not switch off at all until they leave. This makes the locking mechanism more secure for upper management email and files as has been proved by my fun loving colleagues it takes less than 30 seconds to access the machine, in that time you can change the password and go access files safely elsewhere in the building.

Now that ideas out of the way onto my auto-feed cable that gets installed a-top of rotary clothes lines.  Lately my head just keeps filling up with odd ideas for inventions, most of them as bad as this.

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