Well I finally upgraded my home PC, its been a while I was making do with an AMD XP1900+ and whilst faster than my previous PC it never behaved like the workhorse that was promised.  I mean take video encoding or picture manipulation, it was slow, real slow, primarily due to the lack of extensions in the chip that the intel had.

Living with the AMD was also a problem, it was so loud and cost to make it cool quitely was a little steep so it stayed upstairs in the backroom.  You could hear this thing from outside the room with the door closed.

This new chip though, talk about small, talk about cool, talk about quiet.  Hey I’m just using the standard components that come, admittedly the graphics card I have at this minute is passive cooled, but this new build is almost totally silent.  I have it in the lounge and you cant hear it above the TV, Sky+ box and of course the wind tunnel that is the xbox360.

Anyway a little advise for those thinking of upgrading to a core2duo.  BEWARE.  Hardly anyone else has one and when your build goes wrong for whatever reason there is no one to swap parts with.

Take my build put all the pieces together, turned it on, wheeeee……off……wheeeeee…off.  Not good.  So what is it Motherboard, Chip, Hard drive, graphics ?  I trim it down to smallest amount of components and connections, power, memory*1, chip, on switch.  Same again.  Swap Memory.  Same again.

Ring…Ring… “Steve Help”, “Well I have AMD64 mate with DDR not DDR2, but I have a card to try, bring it over”.

Long rambling short, the video card was duff, put in any machine it stops it booting, but had this not been the problem I was pretty much stuffed in diagnosing chip vs motherboard.

So bear that in mind if you upgrade, try and have a spare available for as much as possible (oh and a PCI graphics card is really handy).