I love gadgets, I have a few.  Like most they are USB devices that require charging.  I tend to charge them from my PC, when Im using it, or with the proper charger.

The proper charger, especially for my windos phone, charges in record time, the PC charges a lot slower and so I only PC charge when at work.

There is a reason for this, a USB socket from the PC will output 500ma at 5v, thats a power consumption of 2.5 Watts.  (If there are any electric engineers who want to correct this please do, but its the next part thats the kicker).

Tuesday I get a call from my mate saying we’re not going drinking he’s got back late and knackered, a sometimes regular occurance and a symptom of working in the games industry, but during this he tells me he is going to have words with his son.  Apparently when he got home he found his PC on, a device with a 450 Watt power supply and all the bells and whistles and uber gfx card, as you would expect for a games write, left on with the screen saver running maybe not the full 450watt consumption but a damn site more than 2.5Watts.  Plugged into said “small replica if blackpool illuminations” was his son’s GIRLFRIEND’S iPod on charge.  Some explaining was given to the son on his return.

So a lesson for probably quite a few people out there, it might be a good idea to not use your PC as the sole charge device for your USB /Firewire enabled kit IF your not using it.

You could however try this


but best of all is Go Gadget Go (not mentioned on his blog yet) who can charge all his devices with solar power, which I find soooo cool.