For some reason my blog appears high in the list of XNA blogs on particular topics.

One of the searches I get is step by step XNA, as I was bitching about the lack of docs from MS, probably a little harshly considering its a beta alpha.

There are plenty of resources out there most notably the Starter project, but for those unfamiliar with studio and c# that too can be daunting.

One good starting point for step by step is the XNA Book that LearnXNA has on its site.  This is quite good.  Its a shame its stopped at chapter four but then XNA is kinda stopped at chapter four till the next release comes out.

Take a good look round that site its pretty good.  There is also XNASpot

Also my delicious links have some handy resources there and I will add to this as I find good stuff. 

However there are many blogs out there “lets kill dave” being one I check up on a lot, worth reading, one for content and two for a jump off point.

So hope that helps anyone interested in XNA finding a better place to be than here.  Until I get more involved of course.

Oh yeh don’t forget Codeplex, this is filling up with XNA too, and the best way to learn anything is some else’s code, even if it is just to serve as a bad example. (Que jokes).

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