Here is a site created by Green Peace criticizing apple’s manufacturing processes and clean-up.  The site copies apple style which I thought was a stroke of genius.

Whether you agree with Green Peace or not  its worth a look just from a web design standpoint but read the site and make up your own mind. 

Problems like this are not just restricted to one company.  Electronic goods recycling is pretty poor I know I have loads of electronics stored in the house because I can’t bear the thought of it going into landfill, at my local tip they are now separating all electronics but for what purpose I’m not sure I hope for sensible disposal and re-use.  Truth is I need to find this out its my responsibility too I bought the damn stuff.

I know I can do more, instead of blaming everyone else start with ourselves, what did you do with that old CRT Tele ? Did you bin it ? Sell it ? Give it away ? 

Anyone want an old 233 intel celeron and motherboard BTW ?

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