As this is the time of the climate change conference there is a lot of news about climate change. Over the past few weeks I’ve heard more and more about climate change.

Listening to the Today programme each morning on BBC Radio 4 I get to hear politicians spouting their latest green message. But there are some that particularly stick out.

The most notable was this morning an American representative was being quizzed about the current administrations attitude and actions relating to climate change. When asked about the continuing increasing carbon emissions from the United States and how poor their performance at reducing this has been, the response was that whilst they agreed there was an increasing rise in carbon emissions their own scale of measurement they used to measure improvement showed that they were doing really well.

Did you catch that their own scale of measurement showed that they were doing well. Well this blog doesn’t get many hits really; I don’t expect it to, but on my scale of how well its doing it’s the best most successful god damn blog in the world.

I’m feeling quite disappointed about progress on environmental issues so expect a few more posts like this, on what I did start as a sharepointy blog.