I have been playing about with ajax recently,  actually I’ve been doing ajax and dynamic web applications since IE4 was released, I was lucky enough to spend 9 months programming a client side dynamic application back then using RDS MTS and dhtml classes, its just this .NET postback model dragged me away from it.  But anyway I’ve been playnig with it again.

What I wanted to do was use ajax in a webpart however its the same old story, having to have a seperate web site to host the data side of the relationship then configure sharepoint to allow that site as an exclusion url…….

Well no need I can do it with HttpHandlers in the same web part that is making the request, this should overcome the security issue of cross website posting, instead of having to resort to Dynanic Script calling using JSON (see links below)



Now I haven’t tried it yet, bit busy at the minute, but I have no reason to believe it won’t work, after all the images thing did and this is very similar.

*Update* : It worked just fine, however I used Json output instead of trying to parse XML the end product seemed faster.  Also I still used the dynamic calling method, so this is not a full test of security bypassing but it keeps all code together, except for the remote data web service, as the json object is a web service proxy also.
Again you need to check that sharepoint is not being overloaded by your webpart being a httphandler

*Update Again* : I have more posts on this site and some working source code.  See
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