Nearby where I live is Pooley Fields/Alvecote Pools a site of special scientific interest.

After the intial quarter of a mile of this its a great spot, and I say this because unfortunately its a great place to walk your dog. I hate dog walkers. I hate a specific type of Dog walker, the type that would happily leave their dogs mess all over the public streets for people to step in rather than use their back gardens or clean it up. Whilst this is a wild open space, wild animals dont leave huge droppings in the path.

Any way, the place is really great, some good woodland growing around what I think is an old slag heap. The SSSI part comes from the lichens and mosses and sheer diversity in the area. But what I love about the place is the Mushrooms. Being a bit damp as fenland normally is there are loads of mushrooms. The most dramatic the area being Fly Agaric.

I think I went a little late in the season as a lot of them had been under attack from, well who knows what. Last year there was an abundance of these things forming in rings, no I don’t believe in fairies, stop clapping.

I found some others too I think are edible, but not being able to fully identify them there was no way I was going to fry em up with some sausages.

IMAGE 00016 I think this is a common puffball a little worse for wear this one, but it is brown with the spikey spots, I did find one fresh one just emerging in much better condition, but only half emerged I let it be.

Here is the location from