I’ve been doing this programming lark for quite a while, like many programmers its starts young, then after long long years you’ve trained practically every neuron and synapse in your brain in a certain fashion optimised for logic and code,  Well it sometimes feels like that.

Take today, I’m listening to Bill Bryson’s “Short History of Nearly Everything”** and near the beginning he describes the point where the universe started, what cosmologists like to call “Tee equals zero”.  Now I’m sure that a lot of people on hearing this phrase will visualise this as an equation, the human mind visualises things for example “don’t think about elephants” is a usual trigger test.  Thing is when I visualised this it looked like this


I put braces in there, but then think a bit deeper, I never declared T, is this just an oversight from a few years in VB* or deep down did I not want to put a limit on Time.

* I always used option explicit.
** Yes I know its the layman’s guide and I’ve read other more complex books on cosmology, but I like Bryson and its interesting to see what he has done with a subject way out of his usual safety zone.  And I’m a layman and never really understood the hard bits of those books.

*** Look at my definition for 0, it is implied that in the code piece above that T is an integer.  I’m pretty sure that in universal design there are no integers, except in death of course, that’s pretty definite.

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