DSC01128It was my wife’s and I’s anniversary this weekend gone and we went away for the night to Wroxton House Hotel.  We had a great room and a fantastic dinner, but then my brother is the head chef (hence the Shameless plug element).  This place is in the middle of nowhere but near banbury and who wants to go there !

I can recommend room two if you like stairs and loft space, no really it was quaint and quite large which makes up for the apex.

My brothers quite a cook too, have the lamb, I don’t normally eat lamb but I make an exception when my brother cooks it, he seems to get it just right and the cuts are perfect.  The chocolate tart was way too rich, so rich I scoffed the lot.

IF you just want a meal the price was reasonable to £22.50 a head for 3 courses (obviously check this as menus change all the time usually the season).

The down side is if you want to walk round the village, there is not one, ok ok there is a church and 10 or so houses your done in 10 minutes, they are nice thatched cottages though.  Good job its close to Straford-upon-Avon.

Some more photos



Its here look.