Now I love picasa and when picasawebs came out I thought fantastic, auto sync, memberships groovy interface.  Well I got part of one of those a pretty interface that I like, but thats about it.  Membership and sync were out and the limits, I wasn’t sure, thought they were too small.

Flikr on the other hand I hated, I still hate the interface, Im getting used to it but I hate it.  However when you have a large digital photo collection and loads more to scan then you cant fight it anymore, you have to pick flickr.

I wasn’t about to make my picasaweb photos public and maintaining a seperate page for the family changing each time i add a new set was a pain.

Now I’m used to flickr and it has great limits and tags, tags are great but that damn organiser in flickr is rubbish and flaky, it frequently fails on me.  So how to get tags into flickr ?  Picasa.

Picasa or at least the latest one Im using has “Keywords”, these are tags.  Picasa’s interface for adding tags, lots of them across your collection is really quick and really easy.  Now using Flickrs uploading tool with your newly tagged photos auto tags them in flickr as well.  This is really time saving.

So now I have the best of both worlds, a great client side photo organiser and a great web based photo sharing backup site, complete with fully tagged photos.


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