Now, lucky me, I have a license for Photoshop 6.  But being on W2k3server x64 I can’t use it anymore.  So rather than go to the expense of Photoshop for a couple of image edits a month, if that, I had been using Paint.NET.

It was quite good but not without its problems, my favourite was to select an area of an image then watch the processor usage jump up to 50% just to animate the selection box.  It inability to deal with multiple documents also.

Well the Alpha of Paint.NET 3.0 is out and those two items are fixed and believe me when I say the multiple document handling is one of the best I’ve seen so far.

This app is no replacement for Photoshop if your a professional user, but for infrequent use especially just for photo re-touching its more than adequate it will suit down to the ground. 

I think that version 3.0 has ironed out some of the bugs and shortcomings of the interface and I just hope that now they will focus on more effects and better algorithms for the ones they have.  Although the Tile reflection effect is a joy and so is glow.


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