Subtitle:Don’t you think the way lists display suck ?

Well I do, no in the web parts themselves, but in the inevitable postback to a crappy looking list item page.

In the previous post you could see the web part I was working on, well its just a demo piece and needs a lot of work, but I figure why should I do all that work I’ll let you do some.  Actually I may not have time to finish this one so I thought I’d put out what I had done.

The web part allows you to select a list that is currently available on this current site. You have to enter the Main field name in the Text box below and its away.  This part will rip through the list contents and spit them out with a link in the web part.  When you click that link the Ajax stuff fetches the list data item and displays it in the box, fast.

Now there is a lot to do here, things like provide html editing for the list display both list and popup designs.  Use the ID instead of the “Title” field (duplicates won’t work in this version)

Also figure out the field type and display appropriately being the main one.

Lots left to do but you can do it.

When you create this you MUST GAC IT.  It was developed with Sharepoint security at FULL, figure it out for yourself if you want a better config.

The web.config needs the HTTP Handler adding (you own key remember)

<add verb=”GET” path=”DynamicCustomListPart.ashx” type=”DynamicCustomListPart.DynamicCustomListWebPart, DynamicCustomListPart, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=*************” />

Source Code

*NB.  This is a demo and not production software, use at own risk.


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