I have finally found a replacement for the piece of cr*p that is SonicStage, the very basic MP3fileManager.

I have a NW-E407, its a great portable MP3 player 50 hours of battery life on one charge, 3 hours play from 3 minutes charge, great sound great interface, even if it does look a lot like a cigarette lighter.

But the one thing that lets it down so, so much is the awful sonic stage software that transfers files across.  If you haven’t seen it you cannot imagine how bad this software is.  Its slow, its flaky it looks terrible.  Take iTunes here is an example of software developers saying stuff the windows design guidelines we are going to do it our way, it just so happens that their way is the Mac design guidelines, not to my taste but lots of people find it very usable and they spent the time doing the ergonomic research etc,  Sonic stage does the same to hell with the windows design guidelines we want something that looks different, then make a complete mess of it, god knows what guidelines they used, but the designer needs staking out for the crows.

No more.  MP3FileManager to the rescue, this program is so basic and it fits nicely onto the device too, thats genious, but why not make an interface Media player as well ?

*Update* : Well of course sony could not do a proper job.  This tool is handy and thats all.  Its great if your at a strange machine and need to copy some MP3’s to your device.  It ends there.  Its slower than the original and only does MP3s. 

Come on apple sort out a proper video iPod and price it sensibly.

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