I Finally got Viva Pinata for the 360, a week late.  So me and my five year old son got to playing it last night.  Its navigation is a little harder than I expected considering that its got a “U” game rating, meaning suitable for any age group, although this does refer to levels of violence and mature content of course.

Its bright and pretty, which is what you expect from Rare, but its no Kameo.  It feels a little rough around the edges in parts, and the continued “cut” scenes every time you visit a shop becomes tiring very quickly, as do the mating mini games.

So what did I expect ? Well I’m not sure, I just expect so much from Rare and perhaps the game is fine and I have over anticipated its arrival. I’ve yet to play it through but I do have some advice, if you play with a child.

You start your garden and you get a Whirlm and they will like your garden and make it their home and gain pretty colours and look cute and appealing to your child.  Your guide will instruct you how to check their details and how to name them.  DONT NAME YOUR CREATURES.  My Son named his Jelic, Rory, Jordan and some others I can’t remember.  Then as time progresses more creatures appear, larger creatures, that like your garden and make it their home.  As your garden grows and your creatures get used to their environment, they get hungry and what do you think the larger creatures eat ?  Yep you got it the smaller Pinata.  On my screen last night an alert popped up, “A Pinata is about to be eaten”, “But I don’t want my creatures eaten, daddy”, “Daddy stop it eating it”, no amount of whacking the Pinata with a shovel seemed to stop it,

“Noooooooo, Jelic!!!!!!”, “WAAaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!”.


Don’t name your creatures. 

Any one got any ideas how I explain sausages to him ????

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