This year I’m having a change, not sure how much of a change it will be but a change all the same.  I have moved away from my beloved web development  / sharepoint comfort zone into the new scarey, and sometimes archaic, world of SAP.

I will be developing SAP workflows and user exits BADI’s, BAPI’s and ABAP and lots of other things I know absolutely nothing about.  So expect to see SAP things here from now on.

Or will you ?  I’ve been here two and a bit weeks now, and because of all the planning required, I have no development to do yet, and because we are doing JIT training so knowledge doesnt just stagnate in your brain I have little to do, so what does a sharepoint / web developer do with his time in the early stages of SAP.  Try and learn SAP from documentation designed to drive you on expensive courses and try writing web parts that connect to SAP.  I managed it too.  From the limited subject matter out there and the talk I had at PDC you’d think it was hard.

It is.

It is because its SAP.