I’m not a car fan.  It serves a purpose A->B and thats it. I have a motorbike for my speed thrill, and danger thrill for that matter, having been thrown of the handlebars of one* gives you a constant sense of fear even now ten+ years later.  So it followed that car programs don’t really do it for me. 

I remember catching the odd top gear in its old format and hating it I never once got through a whole episode.  I avoided it ever since.

My mistake. 

I recently caught two episodes of this “new” Top Gear an hour long show, the last episode was hilarious, all the car information for the petrol heads but presented with a lighter side for anyone else.

The last one I saw launched a “Plastic Pig”** in a space shuttle type launch.  This was just brilliant, it almost worked, well not in the way that a car is an adequate replacement for a re-usable spaceship, but in achieving the goal of launching and returning to earth this unusual space-ship.  To see it ignite and propel a Tamworth born plastic pig into the air was spectacular,  (Look for it on YouTube I bet someone put it there).  This and a previous episode I saw where they tried to lay a road in 24hours and other such features and add clarkeson’s excellent and often scathing car reviews makes this a program for those of us who don’t care about the number of horses in the latest supercar makes this a must see. 

So If you’ve missed this program for the last five years I cannot recommend that you take a look you will be pleasantly surprised.

*Luckily quite early in my bike riding history on a small 125 doing 20mph it hurt, I bounced off the road, kerb and finally smacked into a post. 

**A Plastic Pig is the rather deferential name given to a three wheeled car called the Reliant Robin.  A car once built in my home town.  Imagine living in a place (in)famous for the creation of such a nationwide joke.  Like any ridiculous idea it had its supporters.  I’m not one of them.

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