Scott Hanselman has a post telling us about OpenDNS.

I’m all for this service. I think it sounds great, but I did raise the issue about appropriateness of their adverts.  The last thing I wanted was to alter family members machines to use this and then find a particular type of advert sneaks in.

I wouldn’t normally broadcast emails to the world but I thought this was such a great response from them that it needed to be shared.  I think that their default position of not being a censor is very wise, besides there are tools for this, Vista can do a great censor job for your kids. 

Once the policy and checks have been completed I will be switching my DNS to them.


You’re right… we should put up such a policy.

We’re not a censor. You can visit any valid, non-phishing you want using OpenDNS. (Note: we’ve had requests for filters on things like adult or other categories. Those may come, but they will be opt-in choices, not default features like anti-phishing).

Back to your question: the ad networks we work with (we do not, at this time, run our own) do not allow inappropriate ads. That said, I need to (a) doublecheck their exact policies and (b) understand what might get through their filters.

This isn’t something I will be able to turn around on a dime, but now it’s on my list.


John Roberts


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