I’ve been curious about WPF applictions and have been trying various different ones.

Turning the pages at the British library is a great one, you can see scans of original manuscripts, well worth a look its an interesting and I’m sure for some will be facinating.

You may or may not know this, I have a love hate relationship with Flickr.  I hate the interface.  I hate the tools.  I love the ease of use for family members, price, the space, the security model.  Those good things outweigh the bad things enough for me to fork out the cash and use it.  Doesn’t stop me hating it though.

Step in nostalgia, this is a WPF application that can view and sync to flickr, now its in early stages and there are no guarentees, but as a starter this thing is looks like it could be great. 

I had some trouble, I don’t know why whether its flickr or vista (damn over-zealous security system) or nostalgia, but I never got it to sync new sets, also I cant edit the settings.

This is no production application by a long way, but its so good you have to take a look at it.

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