I haven’t posted anything SAP for a while, thing is I’m the developer on the project whose goal is to implement a standard SAP solution.  We are in blueprint phase at the moment hence my dabbling with sharepoint integration. 

For those wondering what its like to work in SAP having come from .NET….its primitive.  I have come from an environment rich in tools, with a seamingly endless supply of help and information.  Microsoft has fantastic resources about its langauges and products with plenty of examples of how to use them.  Then there is the army of users providing help on blogs and forums.  Somewhere someone has done what you want to do, or at least tried something which could give you ideas.

SAP however I find a little different, yes sure there is a large online help section to describe the base product installations and language syntax but like for like its not a patch on the MS stuff, its enough to get you going if your good at what you do.  Then when it comes to documentation about classes and API’s and process flow for SAP, well this is the point I tear my hair out.  There can be a lot of documentation or none.  When I asked my colleague, a SAP developer for quite a while now, “How do you find so and so?” his answer was you either know it or you have to debug the application!

Could you imagine having to debug excel to figure out how to locate a function to retrieve data ?  Or step-through outlook-express to find the smtp server ?

The SAP community is a lot smaller but efforts by some in this community are admirable.  The Sap developer network is a great place for finding answers, they tend to be answers to the technical side of sap and not the process side, but its a start.  Many times a question I search for though is a almost googlewhack, I’m convinced I will find one thanks to SAP.

So its a challenge and because I have to fight my way through it at times I’m loving it.

For those interested in the interop SAP things I have been doing, there will be more to come.  We still need to build a BI/BW system and get all the kit working as it should.  When this happens expect to see more on iViews, sharepoint interop, bw/bi interop etc.