If, like me, you are sick to death of the advertised “unlimited” broadband then restricted in the small print phenomena which is spreading to more and more suppliers then visit this PM petition mentioned in the article in the register.


Now I don’t believe for a minute that a petition to the PM will actually do anything, this government is excellent at listening to people but rarely acts on it unless the pressure is coming from the media.  Take St. Jamie Oliver’s campaign, without continued media pressure nothing would have been done about the shocking state of school meals*.  The last petition about road pricing did not work because it needs a champion to rally the cause and batter the government with continued media pressure.

However if enough people sign this to raise its profile into the media then it puts pressure on the Agencies involved without any interference from the government.

As more of us get our video content from the Internet a 2gb cap or “Traffic Shaping” will hit you.  These companies charge a lot for “unlimited” accounts and need to invest in the infrastructure to provide them, traffic shaping and capping allow these penny pinching companies to lie their way into bigger profits, profit is fine, abusing your customers to get it is not.  It’s practices like this where competition fails the consumer, as all companies will follow suit in this practice to stay alive against their competitors, which is why we need regulation in this area.

So if you think this type of advertising is a worse form of lying to us than usual, sign it and see if we can make something happen, it only takes a minute. 


*So you know and I don’t appear too much of a hypocrite here, my five year old son still has a packed lunch cos he is a fussy beggar.  He refuses to eat spag bol, most meat, anything in a sauce all the things served up in school meals, instead he insists on eating fruit, vegetables, cheese, wholemeal bread, yoghurts and other such things. What am I to do ? He won’t even try a burger he’d rather eat his broccoli.  As his tastes grow to include more carbohydrates and processed meat (mince) I intend to support his school’s meal program, but for now, enjoy your apple son.