Having seen yahoo pipes and thought it was to complex for the normal user and then discovered thanks to the lack of defined date format in RSS I might have problems with sorting a combined feed, I gave up on it as a bad lot.

Until last night that is.

I have a friend who is currently studying in a foreign country, oooh lets say France*.  Access to certain websites is blocked in that country.  I was explaining RSS to him and what it was for and he thought that’s nice but did it work for the BBC news mirror site.  Well no.  The RSS feed link on that site is for the main one, which would be blocked.

Ah ha! I thought and jumped on to Pipes.  I entered the BBC News RSS feed into a new pipe, then I did a search and replace on all the links to be the mirror prefix and hey presto one slightly modified RSS feed, and here it is.


Finally a use for pipes, never thought I’d find one but, ta da

This is only good if you want English the other languages are not available on this mirror site, if they were then no doubt this mirror would be blocked also.  So for those peeps who think I’m being subversive, that government can at anytime block the mirror, this is not a means to subvert that governments right to prevent access to information,  that’s what web page proxies are for.

*It’s not France.

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