I’m about to buy a new TV.  In fact just seven days ago I stopped myself from clicking the go to checkout button and have, for some reason I’m not sure of myself, been fighting the urge all week.

You see I had made my decision, I had researched and agonised and fretted about the cost for quite a few months.  I had flip-flopped between the R74 and the N73 models, I had completely discounted the F71 no built in freeview plus other issues (same issues that the others have but they are not as expensive) and settled on the N73.

So this Saturday I was looking at TV’s with my mate Steve, he had decided on the R74, he wanted a 37″ but couldn’t find one online with a site he trusted so we decided to check Currys web site.  I searched for Samsung 37″ and much to my suprise got one entry.  “What the !?!?”  I thought,  never heard of this, a R88. 

Oh o, thats new, thats very new.

Samsung have just released a completly new range of LCD’s and they look like they kick ass.  Reading the avforums some people have said that the M87 (top of the line) has solved the overscan problems as well as having extras bells and whistles.

So I’m back to square one.

I’m going to have to wait cos there is no way I’m buying from RobertWhyte (there are both good and bad experiences reported in avforums about these people), distance selling regulations are more likely to be observed by larger stores than smaller places.

I also have the problem, I wanted to move down a size from the 40″ I have now, to the 37″.  Now If I choose the R88 then its a no brainer, I can have that today and save a large chunk of cash, but in the M87 series the 37″ is the poor cousin of the 40″ (read the stats) and initial prices on the web make it a higher cost (eh ? WTF!) but the 40 is 1080p with a much higher dynamic contrast ratio.

So if anyone has heard anything else useful to help me make this choice (R88-37″ / M87-40″) drop a comment.

** UPDATE **

I bought the R88.

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